The Carbon Savings

Save ₦5k. Win ₦1 million.

No stories. No long gist.
Save at least ₦5,000 on Carbon to stand a chance of becoming a millionaire this month!

NLRC Approved.
CBN Approved.

How to win

Qualify to win the savings challenge in 3 simple steps


Create an account

Download the Carbon app and create a new account or login if you are an existing customer.


Create an investment plan

Create an investment plan and pick from any of our investment option from your app.


Fund your plan

Fund your investment plan and maintain a minimum investment balance of ₦5000 for at least 30 days

How winners are selected

On the first day of each new month, winning investors will be selected in a prize draw.








To be won

Why Carbon?

Best Rates Icon

The Best Rates

At up to 11%, we provide the best investment rates in the market.

Flexibility Icon


Our FlexSave, Goals and Cash Vault plans are designed to suit any budget. Start with as little as N100.

Best Prizes Icon

The Best Prizes

You can eat your cake and have it. Grow your wealth, and win more money while doing so. What more can you ask for? 😃

Security Icon


We’re licensed by the Central Bank so funds are always safe. You can also make withdrawals anytime. Tap, tap, credit alert!

Click here to view all of April draw winners!

Prizes announced every month for 12 Months!

Grand Prize: ₦1,000,000  to 1 Winner
Other Prizes: ₦100,000 each to 40 Winners

The next draw holds on the

1st of June 2021

Terms and Conditions

To  be eligible for the monthly draw which holds on the first of every month, you’ll need to satisfy the conditions below.

●  You must have an active savings plan on Carbon. This can be either our Cash Vault, Goals or Flexsave.
●  Have a balance of at least ₦5,000 in your savings plan for a minimum of 30 days prior to the draw.
●  If you have a running Carbon loan, it must not be in arrears at the time of the draw.
●  Winners will be required to send in images and videos of themselves and participate in media rounds.

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