Safe, Rewarding Savings, Together

Save smarter and safer with Carbon Circles - a digital Ajo with a guarantee and supportive community.

Key Features

Safe & Secure

Deposits insured, transparent system, random draws for fairness.

Community Powered

Join "Circles" with friends, family, or new connections.

Rewarding Savings

Regular payouts, track progress, achieve goals faster.

Flexible & Affordable

Start with 2 months upfront, 5% service fee.

Simple and easy to use


Join a Circle

Choose your Circle or create your own.


Contribute Regularly

Deposit your chosen amount each cycle.


Fair & Random Draws

Everyone has an equal chance to receive monthly payouts.


Receive & Repeat

Get your payout, contribute again, and grow your savings together.


Did someone leave your Circle? No Problem

Carbon circles seamlessly adjust balances.

Why Carbon Circles?

Security you can trust

Insured deposits, transparent transactions, secure platform.

Community for Support

Share goals, celebrate wins, and learn from others.

Achieve Your Goals Faster

Pool resources, stay motivated, and track progress.

Affordable Start

Easy entry, manageable contributions, clear fees.

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